The journey to getting faster never ends. You give
everything, always looking for new ways to speed
up—like with a light, snappy running shoe that helps
you shave seconds.



"Running is love-hate. When them lights come on
though, I'm not going to let anything stop me. So I'm
always working on my speed. No matter how fast I
am, always pushing for faster."
-DK Metcalf, Pro Wide Receiver

We dropped the rubber and created a new
cushioning that's soft, but surprisingly tough and
grippy. That's why UA Flow feels so light, smooth,
and insanely fast.
  • "感覺好似飛行。"

    This all-in-one cushioning and sole system
    is totally rubberless, so you get a light,
    close-to-the-ground feeling.

  • "最大速度。"

    Grip like crazy on just about any surface—
    lose less time on corners, braking,
    and speeding up.

  • "唔會過重。"

    Light, stretchy knit expands with your foot, while
    supportive strands flex and secure you
    in all the right spots.

  • 7%更快,3% 更遠。

    Last year, UA MapMyRun™ Form Coaching users
    ran 7% faster and 3% farther.* Become a better runner
    by following your personalized UA MapMyRun™
    Form Coach as you run.



Connect your shoes to UA MapMyRun™ for real-time
Form Coaching tips based on your cadence,
pace, and stride.